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The year 1957 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of television-related events in 1957.


  • January 6 – Elvis Presley makes final appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.
  • January 24 – Steve Allen makes his final appearance as host of NBC's The Tonight Show. He is replaced by Jack Lescoulie, with the show's format being changed to be more like Today than the talk/variety show format Tonight had under Allen.
  • June – Lescoulie is a flop, so NBC hires Al "Jazzbo" Collins to serve as emcee. But Collins doesn't last long; NBC is already planning to replace him and go back to the original format.
  • July 29 – Jack Paar becomes the permanent host for NBC's The Tonight Show. The format changes back to a talk/variety show.
  • March 7 – Portugal creates its television service after several months of experimentation.
  • March 31 – The first TV version of Cinderella, starring 21-year-old Julie Andrews, and with songs by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, airs in color on CBS.
  • April 1 – British current affairs programme Panorama (BBC) broadcasts the famous Spaghetti trees hoax report.
  • August 31 – Central Scotland's ITV franchise Scottish Television goes on air, the first 7-day-a-week ITV franchise to do so.
  • September 7 – NBC introduces an animated version of its famous "living color" peacock logo.
  • February 16 – In the UK, the "Toddlers' Truce" (an arrangement whereby there were no TV broadcasts between 6 PM and 7 PM, to allow parents to put their children to bed!) was abolished. It had been a major stumbling block to the success of ITV.
  • Front Page Challenge, television's longest continuously running panel show starts airing on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) for the next 38 years.
  • Cyprus began a limited television service, serving only three hours a day, twice-weekly. By 1960, a full service was launched.
  • CBC Television begins nationwide broadcasting of NHL games as Canada's microwave network is completed coast-to-coast. Prior to this, programmes have to be bicycled.
  • Westinghouse introduces the first rectangular tube color TV. Due to issues with convergence (aligning the guns to get a single image), the sets is withdrawn from the market. The first successful rectangular color tubes arrive in the mid 1960's.


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