You Are an Artist is an NBC television series, which first aired on NBC flagship station WNBT-TV in New York City on November 1, 1946 and then on the NBC Television network until 1950.

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Among the people to host the program during its run were artist Jon Gnagy, Ben Grauer, and Warren Hull. Each episode was 15 minutes long (see below for broadcast timeslots).

As its title suggests, it was a program designed to teach people how to draw art. During its final season, reflecting changing hosts, its name changed to The Ben Grauer Show then The Warren Hull Show before finally leaving the air.

Episode statusEdit

No kinescoped episodes are known to survive of this program, due to NBC's lack of an archival policy at the time. However, there are numerous audio recordings without video images from as early as January 9, 1947 (featuring Jon Gnagy) as taken from the live WNBT-TV broadcasts in New York, as documented in the Library of Congress SONIC Archives.

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